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Beaming Music (2002)

for Chris Thompson
Marimba, organ, 9'

Beaming Music is, at its heart, about small rhythmic cells transforming themselves into large, open chords. While this is most evident in the section immediately following the marimba solo 2/3 of the way through, the idea of something small blossoming into a huge chord pervades the piece. The title refers not only to the various […]

Big Time (2012)

for Peter Sanders & the Central Vermont Chamber Music Festival
String Quartet & Percussion, 9'

Commissioned by the Central Vermont Chamber Music Festival in celebration of their 20th anniversary in 2012. The first performance took place on 25 August 2012 at Chandler Music Hall, Randolph, Vermont, U.S.A., given by LARK Quartet and Yousif Sheronick (percussion).

I Shudder to Think (2008)

Percussion Quintet, 8'

Commissioned by Scwob School of Music.

It’s About Time (2004)

for Sam Solomon
Solo percussion

It’s About Time has two sets of attendant notes, one by Sam, for whom it was written, and one by me.

Pillaging Music (2005)

for Valgeir
Percussion, piano, celeste, & pre-recorded CD

Muhly names Pierre Boulez as the inspiration for Pillaging Music, and it’s easy to hear the influence of pieces like Sur-incises and RĂ©pons on this metallic piano/percussion texture

Ta & Clap (2005)

for Sam, Chris, John & Haruka
Percussion quartet

Ta-ing and Clapping is a method of teaching rhythms wherein all beats are accounted for, resulting in a fully-rendered moto perpetuo that only implies empty spaces naturally found in a rhythmic pattern.

Time After Time (2003)

for Nancy Zeltsman, Sam Solomon, & Eric Hewitt
Soprano saxophone, marimba, percussion, 10'

Time After Time was written for the Yesaroun’ Duo (comprising multi-percussionist Sam Solomon & saxophonist Eric Hewitt) and marimbist Nancy Zeltsman. I set out to write a piece that was primarily energetic and rhythmically challenging enough for two percussionist and one honorary percussionist to play. The title refers to the fact that all the material […]