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Confessions (2008)

Voice & Baroque Ensemble, 48'

Confessions, a collaboration between the acclaimed American composer Nico Muhly and the Faroese singer/songwriter Teitur, on October 21, 2016; the vinyl edition is due November 4. The two musicians began work on the project when Muhly was composer-in-residence at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The songs’ lyrics were inspired by or culled from video and […]

Drones on “Oh Lord, Whose Mercies Numberless” (2009)

Countertenor & Orchestra, 4' 42''

Far Away Songs (2012)

for Jennifer Zetlan
Soprano, String Quartet, Piano, 15'

What I like about Cavafy’s poems — and, specifically, Daniel Mendelsohn’s translations of them, is the sense of enormous distance between objects. I feel like the lines work well right next to each other as well as with enormous space between them. On Daniel’s suggestion, I set a pair of poems which are versions of […]

Impossible Things (2010)

Tenor, Violin, and String Orchestra, 27' 30''

Commissioned by Britten Sinfonia, Muziekcentrum Frits Philips and Tapiola Sinfonietta. Britten Sinfonia is grateful to Arts Council England for making this commission possible. PART I THE HEREAFTER (1892) I believe in the Hereafter. Material appetites or love for the real don’t beguile me. It’s not habit but instinct. The heavenly word will be added to […]

Let the Night Perish (Job’s Curse) (2010)

Tenor & String Orchestra, 4' 26"

Commissioned by Britten Sinfonia.

Object Songs (2014)

Voice & Chamber Ensemble, 8 minutes

Object Songs (2014) are a collaboration with illustrator and author Maira Kalman, a longtime friend and source of constant inspiration and delight. These songs are a response to a room Maira curated in New York’s Cooper Hewitt Museum, as well as two books she wrote about the objects she chose to be in the room. […]

Pleasure Ground (2014)

Baritone & Orchestra, 20'

Commissioned by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and The MusicNOW Festival in honor of Louis Langre?e with support from Ann and Harry Santen. Texts compiled by Tyne Rafaeli from the writings of Frederick Law Olmsted. I have long been interested in Frederick Law Olmsted; as a New Yorker, I am surrounded by his work. More so, […]

Reynardine (2013)

Voice & Orchestra, 3'

Traditional English folk song arranged for Aurora Orchestra.

Sentences (2015)

Countertenor & Orchestra, 30'

This commission was supported by the generosity and vision of donors to Britten Sinfonia’s Musically Gifted campaign. Principal Commissioner Meredith Lloyd-Evans and Lisa Buckby,Neil Burns, Clare Drummond, Diana FoxBrindle, Roy & Barbara Hall, Will Harriss, Ivor Hunt, Michael McManus, Ashil Mistry, Bryan Orman & Patricia West Hannah Perks, Helen Phillips, Sue Prickett, John & Penelope […]

The Elements of Style (2005)

Voice & Chamber Ensemble, 26'

The Elements of Style is a song cycle written as a response to Maira Kalman’s illustrated version of Strunk and White’s manual by the same name. It was originally performed in the main reading room at the New York Public Library with a small ensemble of musicians and a larger ensemble of non-musicians playing percussion […]

The Mezzo-Soprano’s Song (2010)

Voice and Piano

Composed for the publication of the book
13 Words by Lemony Snicket and Maira Kalman.

The Only Tune (2007)

for Sam Amidon
Multi-instrumental performer & pre-recorded CD, 16'

The Only Tune was written for Sam Amidon, a singer and instrumentalist (guitar, banjo, drum) trained in the tradition of American folk music.