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It’s About Time (2004)

for Sam Solomon
Solo percussion

It’s About Time has two sets of attendant notes, one by Sam, for whom it was written, and one by me.
Performer’s Note
It’s About Time was written for percussionist Sam Solomon. It’s about time, the piece is. It’s also about time Sam asked Nico to write a solo piece – the first time since some vibraphone solo Nico wrote in 1996 or 97 in high school. There was a timpani piece too, also in high school. After probably dozens of other collaborations of all shapes and sizes, the time came in the spring of 2004 for another Nico solo for Sam. Like much of the percussion repertoire, time (rhythm) takes center stage as the primary compositional element, namely though various additive procedures. These additive procedures, however, are clouded, or actually they’re “colored,” by Nico’s enormous and infectious personality, as is the pitch material, orchestration, and form. If you know Nico and/or his music, you know what I’m talking about. And that’s what it’s about. ““ Program Note by Sam Solomon (for use by Sam Solomon only)

Program Note:
It’s About Time was written for Sam Solomon, one of my oldest collaborators. Some of the first music I wrote, I wrote for Sam, so when he asked me to write a solo for him in 2004, I started thinking about the sort of thing you cook for your best friends – food from the pantry, not designed to impress: the company itself is the point of the encounter. It’s About Time is precisely that: staples, things I know that I do well, and things I know Sam (and, by hopeful extension, any percussionist) does well. It’s About Time lasts 9 minutes and is dedicated, with many thanks, to Sam Solomon.

Performance Note
It’s About Time was written for a setup detailed here as “Setup #1.” All setup notes should be scrupulously observed as outlined on the website.

Live Recording
Sam Solomon, percussion

Sam & Nico

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