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Beaming Music (2002)

for Chris Thompson
Marimba, organ, 9'

Beaming Music is, at its heart, about small rhythmic cells transforming themselves into large, open chords. While this is most evident in the section immediately following the marimba solo 2/3 of the way through, the idea of something small blossoming into a huge chord pervades the piece. The title refers not only to the various metric subdivisions of the main material, but also to Chris Thompson, the percussionist who commissioned it, whose his sunny disposition colored each stage of this piece’s conception, rehearsal, and performance.

Chris Thompson, marimba
Nico Muhly, organ

1 Comment

  • -“panoramas of shifting energy …are so beautiful. I “hear” this in my daily awareness; someone is rhythemicly rasping ice from a windshield; a dog barks, five times and ceases; the soft swish of a passing car – I am alive and I hear it. Joyce says, “I am hear to read the signature of all things.” All things revealed though not explained by vibrations of light and sound……..