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Wonder Showzen (2006)

I scored an episode of the MTV2 show Wonder Showzen, 245px-wonder_showzen.gifwhich you can buy on iTunes or on DVD. I had a great time writing it; the people who make that show are some of the smartest people around. The premise of the episode that I scored (A Clarence Special Report: Compelling Television) is that this demented puppet, Clarence (at left)images.jpg, asks people sitting on park benches what they think of TV, and then he demands that they, in turn, “make good TV.” The results are scored. Sometimes this ended up demanding outrageous miniatures, and sometimes it ended up secretly heartbreaking. The score is for chamber orchestra, and was recorded by Dan Bora at the Looking Glass Studios in April, 2006.

[audio:M18 Birds.mp3]
Wonder Showzen M18: Birds

[audio:M7 Tax Guy.mp3]
Wonder Showzen M7: Tax Guy
Claire T. Bryant, solo cello