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Choking Man (2006)

I wrote the soundtrack to the movie Choking Man, directed by Steve Barron. It’s a really great movie, I think, and the score is very important to it, which I like, chokingfrontpage-1.jpgand they gave me an enormous amount of flexibility in how much music there should be and where, etc. With Dan Bora, I created a sound world comprising a small ensemble, and then a spatialized mini-gamelan of gongs, bells, guitars and pianos. We recorded at the Looking Glass Studios in January, 2006.

[audio:M17 1.mp3]
Choking Man M17: Thanksgiving Day

Choking Man M20: Thanks


  • Yes, I watched the delightful film Choking Man, and for several weeks have been looking to purchase the soundtrack online, but have been unable to find the music. I went on iTunes, your site,,ghost…umm whatever the heck it and even Amazon and still no luck. So, I was wondering if you knew where I could purchase your soundtrack for Choking Man. And yes, I see the contacts on the right, but I am too much of an oaf to learn how to use Outlook Express, so if you could please help me, that would be grand.


  • This is indeed a wonderful film and the score is an intrinsic structural element. The story is subtle and strong, and the visual emphasis upon horizontals, verticals and diagonals as backgrounds (and sometimes foregrounds) to the excruciating closeups of Jorge and Amy is masterful. I agree that your “sound world” deserves independent release as a soundtrack.

  • Beau-ti-ful!

  • This score moved me.

  • I learned of you through this movie.
    So touching. Beautiful!
    Thank You.