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At least I didn’t say “Chicken Piccata”

by Channing Gray, , The Providence Journal.

The Providence Journal wrote this article about me, which ostensibly was about my high school performing a commissioned work, but ended up being a little bit about the fact that I am writing a piece for the Boston Pops; they quote me as saying, vis à vis ytt, “You have to make a big pasta salad and it has to be the best pasta salad ever.” Yikes! One choice and embarrassing bit reads thus:

Muhly, who lives in a Chinatown loft with his cat, said he is less snobby about writing for an organization like the Pops than he might have been in years past. In fact, he spoke to Keith Lockhart on the phone, and contrary to the “complete nightmare” he expected, he found the Pops conductor “charming, smart and funny. “He was really great talking to me about Messiaen. I had an out-of-body experience.”

So, you know, I come across looking like a sort of crazy person. But a lovable crazy? I am truly excited about writing this piece for them, though, because I think it’s going to be really really hard for me to pitch it just right. Also? Keith Lockhart totally gave great phone.

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