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from Monday, September2nd of the year2013.

So, this fall is gonna be crazy. My original plan was that I would only have this opera at the Met, but then other stars aligned at different angles, and now I have a ballet at City Ballet with Benjamin and some incidental music for John Tiffany’s insanely beautiful production of The Glass Menagerie on Broadway. It’s all wildly exciting, and there is also a sense of doing a lot of very different things for very different purposes that pleases me.


  • I’m looking forward to hearing “Two Boys”. Looking it the Met’s calendar, I see that three of the performances will be on their Sirius/XM channel.

  • Love that you are so busy. Cannot wait to hear all. the. things.

  • I’m attending the world premiere of your Bright Mass with Canons, expanded for orchestra and choir, with the Philadelphia Orchestra on 9/26. Looking forward to it after hearing the piece on your website.

  • your uncles think you’re working too much
    your mother probably too
    see you soon

  • Been listening to, loving you, for a very long time!! Eager to see Two Boys. Saw John Tiffany’s magnificent Glass Menagerie last night and your music was so incredibly perfect – really contributed to those scenes and evoked powerful emotions. Looking forward to hearing Everything you’re composing! All best wishes…