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Tell It

from Tuesday, February8th of the year2011.

So this coming weekend, I’m doing this giant crazy concert with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Sam Amidon, Bishi, Bryce Dessner, and ACME. It is wildly exciting. In short: it’s a dozen pieces for youth chorus and ensemble. Loosely, it’s all to do with travel, and the ecstatic alienation attendant thereunto. It’s an excuse for me to work with Sam, Bishi, and Bryce, which is always fun, and, finally, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, who are an amazing group of young adults whose collective musicianship puts all of the rest of us to shame. So, the short version of this blog post, and the message you should take away is, come see this thing! It’s Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

We’ve been rehearsing it for a few days now, but the choir has been at it for months! I went to visit them the other day and look at this phonics lesson:

I like this list of words; Bryce is a fancy Francophone and has words like Pendant in his piece; I’m not sure what it says about me that I asked Mary HK Choi to write some text for this and she delivered an analect all to do with Kenzo.

There are a ton of gongs:

Everybody come!


  • Um, I was pretty sure for a second that you wrote, “it’s all to do with TIME travel.” “YES!” I thought, but it was only slightly a let-down when I realized what it really said–very cool! I guess realizing what things really say is part of the journey. . . .

  • More impressive than the gongs are the jingle-bells in a can. (Does it keep them fresh?)

  • The greatest curse: to feel classical music when you are a painter. I am a painter from Bloomington, Minnesota I cherish David Lang’s “Wed” and Nico Muhly’s “Clear Music”. I love, David Lang’s “The Little Matchstick Girl Passion” because this is what I do when I paint portraits I strike match after match hoping to be joined with a loved one. Thank you Nico for what you do and for your inspiration.

  • Yes for this! Wish I was in Brooklyn!