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Has everybody been following

from Tuesday, October25th of the year2011.

Has everybody been following all the new and exciting developments in Texas, Utah, and Arizona with the polygamist sects? Warren Jeffs, the prophet, keeps on going on hunger & masturbation strikes, getting sick, and moving around. Meanwhile, the fascinating and endless appeals process is continuing, sometimes handwritten! A 25-year old fled the twin towns of Colorado City and Hilldale! Here’s a picture of a very large house in Colorado City I took last year:

We’re going back into rehearsals for Dark Sisters, which deals, in a way, with a very similar situation to the one this woman found herself in. However, now, thanks to a long but patchy history of women escaping successfully, it’s easier to ring up the police and a network of informal shelters. If you want to read a strangely wonderful account, check out Carolyn Jessop’s book Escape. It’s strange inasmuch as it’s ghostwritten but not, it seems, ghost-edited, so it follows a very casual narrative structure and occasionally dwells on enormously small details (another sisterwife stole my shampoo!) while eliding over large ones (over the next three years, I had four more children!)

One more interesting thing about that woman escaping: it seems like she got help from Willie Jessop, who used to be a sort of spokesman/enforcer for the FLDS, until one of the various internecine fights inside the FLDS shuffled him around. In a lot of the memoirs written by escapees, he is a sort of villain, and here he re-materializes as a helping hand….


  • Ok, everyone clicked on that masturbation hyperlink, didn’t they?

    For those of us who live in the middle of nowhere and will probably never get the opportunity to see either this or Two Boys, are there any long term plans to release them on CD/DVD?

  • Nico – would you be interested in reading Sam Brower’s PROPHET’S PREY:

    He was a private investigator who helped spearhead much of the case. I’d be happy to send you a copy if you’d like.

  • God I love Mormons and FLDS followers. All jokes aside, I wonder what the chances of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ever performing your work?