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Dark Sisters Incoming

from Tuesday, October11th of the year2011.

Hi everybody — it’s been a while but I’ve been rather inundated with work, about which there is not much to say except that it’s been a huge pile! The good, and exciting, news is that Dark Sisters is upon us. I’ll be blogging here and there as it gets put together, although at this point, it is sort of deliciously out of my hands. I enjoy a sort of avuncular relationship with it; it’s really being raised by the surrogate parents from the design team, stage management, lights, costumes, hair (!), and of course, Rebecca, the director. Look:

Before we plunge into the thick of it, though, we’re doing a little teaser at LPR this Thursday, and everybody has to come! It’s funny, because Clarice, Yuki & I have played at LPR a million times, and the team from the opera company has not. We’re doing a bit of a puu-puu platter of things — some old things, some new things, a few things by me, a little bit from Satyagraha, you know, the ucze.

As ever, you can peep the opera’s website for information, or sign up for the iTunes channel . I would direct your attention to this wonderful essay by Ken Verdoia about, loosely, the modern implications of the FLDS’s complicated history.

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  • Thank you for using the word “ucze.” I have been trying to figure out how to spell that for at least a year.
    Also, will any of your operas be broadcasted live or made into a DVD? These are the times where I wish I lived in New York. . .