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Whales Update

from Sunday, April25th of the year2010.

And, in great news, the Whale Watching Tour is now operating in full swing; we are on the bus, we are in Reading, we have all our musicians and their instruments, all the computers, knock wood, are charged and interfacing with their interfaces well, Helgi’s headphones are charged, Sam is mysteriously reading Flaubert in public, Nadia has found the Starbucks, the Australians are Braying, Pierre-Alain is obsessively documenting, Valgeir is looping, and there is a pile of Campari Nips rolling around the floor of the bus.

It’s a shame to have missed the shows in Berlin, Ghent, London & Dublin, but I think that they are being rescheduled. For some reason re-scheduling something seems much easier than actually scheduling them, but as I’m not doing any of that, I shouldn’t speak out of turn.

One thing I’ve noticed about smaller towns in England built around Cathedrals is that you can sort of know your way around without really knowing your way around. The surprise is always The Lesbian Bar, or the strange out-of-place bistro in “The Old Biscuit Factory” or whatever. It reminds me of towns in Vermont where if you can find the Grange Hall, you can find the crazy mini-mart with the Ben & Jerry’s factory seconds.


  • We ALL love a good Lesbian Bar in a Cathedral City!

  • Lookin forward to swimming with whales in Manchester tomorrow. The best of good wishes to all.

  • Unqualified to speak
    April 25th, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Considering a very nice lady rang me up at home to tell me there is a cheque in the National Concert Hall box office with my name on it, and all I have to do to get it is give them my Whale Watching ticket, the Dublin show’s re-scheduling may be… somewhat drastic.

  • the 2nd google hit for campari nips is jessica alba’s nipples.

  • oh, speak out of turn whenever you want, Nico. it’s always lovely!! Merde for all these wonderful-sounding performances, scheduled Or re.!