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from Wednesday, July28th of the year2010.

I’ve been totally delinquent these last few weeks with updating this space, but I have an excuse! For the first time in forever, I’ve been in my new apartment in New York for longer than two weeks, and I’ve taken the time to properly set up my workspace, organize my technology, buy air conditioners, etc., and mainly, finish writing this opera that has been on my desk since 2008. It’s all wickedly exciting.

As a result of my maniacal cleaning, I have uncovered some problems in my iTunes library; namely: sometimes my cover art does not match the song/artist. This is one among many complicated issues…these are some recent things, though, that have come up on my iPhone shuffling through:


Múm into dude I don’t know:

A very special padded blazer edition of Piano Phase, by Steve Reich:

And my favorite, because I adore both albums equally:

I love Remy Ma. I also love, more than anything, this video, which I will not embed here, but offer as a link to those interested. I recall, when it came out, my girl Nick doing an unspeakably brilliant IPA of how she pronounces the word “Remy” and “fuck” but I can’t render it here for technological reasons. It’s a girl who claims that she used to “fux” Remy, but you really have to watch it to get the full breadth/depth of the Situation.

Media organization is really intense though. If you listen to a lot of classical music, you know what I’m talking about: whole CD’s, with each track assigned to a different artist. It’s like, Lorraine Hunt with the orchestra of the age of whatever. Lorraine Hunt + Random Tenor + That orchestra + That Lutenist whose name I forgot. Lorraine Hunt + That Lutenist + That Oboe d’Amore-ist whose name I forgot. And you have to go through it the entire way and make exxxtra sure that everything is organized as you, your own self, would search for it, which is to say, That Beautiful Lorraine Hunt album. Or whatever it is that you would say to your friends is what you need to be able to type into the search field.

Does anybody else suffer/celebrate (from) this problem, with the wrong cover art? Ur girl has refresht, rebuilt, reorganized and still the Books come up as Ngwemy.

The other amazing thing about doing a deep media organization is that you come across totally random things you never knew you had. I found an album by a Finnish singer-songwriter I didn’t even know:

Sami Kukka, Sisältäni varjon löysin
If the audio doesn’t turn up for you, check out this YouTube.

And it’s like, where has this gorgeous thing been all my life? I didn’t buy it from iTunes. A search in my email reveals no mention of this name, “Sami Kukka“. The iTunes store has it, but not enough people have rated it to display an average, and, mine are untagged mp3’s. So where did it come from? I emailed all my Finns and nobody is taking responsibility. It’s totally weird and delightful. I’m happy to have found it, and have listened to it all day.

In other news, some of my upcoming projects have been announced. I’m very excited about everything, but in the short term, I’m particularly excited about the Los Angeles Master Chorale releasing a disc of my choral music on Decca. Choral music has been a focal point of my emotional landscape for years and years, and it’s great to see it collected all in one place. The disc sounds amazing, and it’s the first commercially available disc of works that I haven’t written for the studio, and I’m thrilled about the whole situation.

I am doing a few shows in Europe in August, with Bedroom Community, and we are all super psyched, so check the sidebar on this site for more information and tickets and all that.

PS Many of you have kindly written to me about my website possibly being hacked by some kind of Erectile Dysfunction Drug. This is something like True; my lovely webmistress and I are working on fixing this, but for now, be nice; your girl has been very busy as has her webmistress, and now it seems as if the audio is not working, but everybody is going to get through this, and remember that the web is a Process. You should see the batshit spam comments I get on this site:

I mean, really, what did I do 2 deserve this!?


  • Oh yes, I have a similar album art problem on my iPod. For example, all ten discs of the Kronos Quartet retrospective have adopted different artwork, some are even screenshots from videos. Also, yes! Some genius should figure out a better way to sort classical music in iTunes. I would totally take the time to fill in every musician from every recording.

  • I have this same problem! With the artwork not matching the music. Altho you have to admit, that Buxtehude cantata is pretty gangsta.

  • The iTunes meta-data filling-in pro-cess is a daunting task. Typically I organize by album artist for all albums that have a single composer, band, or artist. I don’t ever worry about the regular artist classification because it makes things complicated. When an album has multiple artists (or pieces by multiple composers), it goes under the ole reliable “Various Artists” classification or the name of whatever performing body produced the pieces.

    Also, congrats on the LAMC album. Hopefully, one day, you might be included on a 100 ‘classical’ hits album that sticks you next to some Mozart piano concerto, fully retrofitted with the finest decontextualization money can buy, on the discount shelf in Target, in the relaxing music section.

  • One could make a stirring libretto from all the spam emails I receive each week… the prince in Nigeria, the lady in London, the folks in Australia asking me to claim the lottery prize I just won, etc.

    The language is so cute, there’s got to be a cantata here somewhere … about man’s incredulity to man. Or something.

    To paraphrase John Cage, I get so much spam these days, I can’t recognize it anymore.

  • i’m not sure if it is worthy or note, or not, but i’ve been going through for the past two weeks (on and off) using this guide:

    and i’m pretty happy with it – took some googling to find a system that i agreed with!

  • I, too, am consistently frustrated/amused by the cover art thing on itunes. my other itunes question is: why do they always chose the 30 most obscure seconds of any track for the sample listen when browsing through the store?

  • I assume you tried the “Askimet” spam thingee for wordpress but if not give it a try it works great and it will totally remove all the Hang Burdett and Arlene Turley from your life.

  • I have Pantera`s “Cowboys from Hell” on my iTunes that I have no idea how it got there. I keep it cause it gives me some thug cred in an otherwise pretty normal existence.

  • Do you know when the LAMC disc is going to be released, by any chance?

  • I am totally taking responsibility / credit for the Sami Kukka thing. He is actually a recording engineer called Esa Santonen and has made 3 beautiful albums in the last 20 or so years. Samuli Kosminen produced the last one (Menen Veteen) and I got to do some arranging, fiddling and singing on it. I hope this blog is the beginning of world domination for Sami Kukka. He also exists here:

  • Thanks !

  • Any further news on the Los Angeles Master Chorale recording? Seems to have disappeared from the Decca Catalogue page ( ).