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from Monday, March15th of the year2010.

I know, I know, I know, I shouldn’t always do this every time somebody writes something about my friends, but here is a funny and – mostly great article – from the In. D. Pendent about Jónsi’s upcoming album, which begins:

Deep within the basement of an East London working-men’s club, two men who have never been inside such a place before sit beside one another having pink make-up applied to their faces, glitter to their cheekbones, and feather epaulettes to their shoulder pads. Frequently, they catch one another’s eye and giggle in a manner that would doubtless prompt censorious disapproval here on an average night.

Ho! I had literally just been in that same basement with the most outlandish drag queens not a month prior to the publication of that article! One of them had me eat popcorn off her implants! If you’re going to start a paragraph talmbout where I do and do not pass the evenings, at least have the courtesy to ask a bitch!

Second, I’m shocked that nobody’s fixed the toe-curling rendering of the Icelandic title of Sigur Rós’s last album. I’m not asking for Eths and Thorns and Umlauts everywhere, but “Meo suo i eyrum vio spilum endalaust” sounds like a Portuguese streetwalker’s solicitations performed through novocaine. Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust could just as happily be rendered with the eths (ð) as d’s; the o is just too much. I feel especially badly when Valgeir Sigurðsson gets rendered out as Sigurosson; it’s cruelly lazy! English people! Spell their names right or, at least, close to right or you’ll never get your IceSave Reparationz!

But also: everybody get excited for Jónsi’s album. It’s gonna be so great. I’ll write more about it closer to the time.