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from Thursday, October22nd of the year2009.

I am flying, this evening, from Los Angeles to Krakow to play a show with the Bedroom Community Crowd. What a strange flight this is going to be. Choosing an outfit that is relevant for a day in LA and then an overnight in a plane is a little surreal. It’s, as they say, about layering. Speaking of which: a picture of Helgi Hrafn in my Garments:


Sometimes, on this blog, I write for thousands of words about completely outrageous things and nobody notices. Then other times, I’ll say something sassy and all of a sudden it’s an entire explosion of people up in the comments. A quick point of clarification: I love love love English critix. There is nothing more Tart than an English Review. I read them with relish and a huge smile, even & especially when it’s directed at me. Nobody is meaner than to me than I am, so, some snippy words from the +44 don’t really dent anything. I’m not a fan of Things that Rn’t True and I really dislike lazy language in print: check this out for more on that. But it’s all good! It’s all part of the p-r-o-þ-e-s-s.

That was an aside. I am so jealous of how good the sushi is in LA:


That’s all. Everybody: follow me on twitter @nicomuhly. Come to my shows in Krakow, Kitchenenenenener-Waterloo, and Tórontó. Richard Reed Parrý wrote a piece for orchestra that’s going to be awesome.


  • thx for this awesome concert in Krakow!!! please please please come back to Poland soon! best,s.

  • We Canadians are awaiting your arrival.
    Hurry up, please!
    Btw, I’ve tried following your enigmatic twitter tweets but feel like an ESL student!