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Paris for a second

from Monday, October26th of the year2009.

I’m in Paris for a second “” a 40 hour layover. Paris really calms me down. I arrived, I stepped in dogshit, I ate pastry, I ate an iconic dinner alone (onion soup, a tartare with perfect fries, a glass of red wine) and walked back to my weird hotel (it’s, evidently, a detox hotel, based on the book Clean by “Alejandro Junger, M.D.,” which is for sale in each room, along with disturbing herbal tinctures and granola bars). I went into a grocery store (open on a Sunday night “” a serious rarity up in here) and stared at the dairy products forever.



  • my second most favorite city in the world; new york is the first. enjoy your 40 hours.

  • There’s a Sorcerer’s Rock in avenue Junot where young men sing in despair while a composer or a bird pass by. Hello from the cheesy Left Bank, nevertheless.

  • oooh too bad! Call me next time.\nMy best thoughts for your music.\nC.

  • ‘…based on the book Clean by “Alejandro Junger, M.D.,”’\n\nOf course, now we’re all hoping that you rush to pick up the opera rights to this book.