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from Saturday, July4th of the year2009.

I am just back from a three-day trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’m writing an article about it, so I’m saving blog posting, but I wanted to just quickly say that the trip included three firsts:

– I seen Lang Langâ„¢ play two concerti, figured out why everybody was so excited. I did not figure out why his name is trademarked.

– I underpacked my suitcase.

– I drank vodka out of a pitcher.

In other news, I am on my way to Iceland for a month, where I’ll be working on a small pile of big projects (rather than my usual big pile of small projects). Very exciting.


  • oh my!! cant wait to read “the blog”

  • The reason it’s trademarked is that David Lang briefly flirted with the idea that his name would be catchier if he added some extra Langs (“Lang Lang D. Lang”), but Lang Lang rightly suspected that it would cause brand confusion and decided to nip it in the bud.

  • Just got round to checking out Lang Lang for the first time (on YouTube). He seems a likeable sort. However, I somehow found my way to a bunch of videos of Richard Castle, and now I’m slightly fixated with the guy. I never heard of him before, does anyone have an angle (I’m guessing something like Paranoid Loose Cannon–maybe music can afford to have a few of them banging about).

  • Are you staying in Reykjavik? I’ll be in Iceland for two weeks tomorrow…something about it must draw us American composers.