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Ebay Knows Me Too Well

from Monday, March16th of the year2009.

You guys? I went up onto eBay trying to buy a new MIDI Controller and the first thing that pops up was the following disturbing frame:


You know, you buy ONE squirrel head, and your reputation is tarnished for life.


  • You may be amused to know that I still cannot pronounce the word “squirrel”.

  • Nico: how many MIDI controllers have you amassed simply ’cause you prefer not to carry the effers around??

  • I too just looked at eBay and mine said “Fuel your passion for Mt. Pinatubo ashglazed spoon rests.”

  • And to be so shamelessly associated with the dead armadillo-collectors!

  • ah, to be known that well. . . sigh. . .

  • “Squirrel” hard to prounounce?

    Try, in French:

    ecureuil (I think “eck cure Ray”)

    or delightfully in Italian,

    “scoiattolla” (skoy A tolla”)

    No matter, best harvested with a bb gun, poached in cream and Vermont maple syrup with a pinch of smoked paprika…. and served on a bed of tulips that the little creeps have beheaded to no purpose and left to taunt you in your flower bed.

  • リスの寿司

    squirrel sushi!