Can’t Get Enough

from Tuesday, March17th of the year2009.

Sometimes there are things in the news that I just can’t get enough of. This is why they invented the internet: for obsessives. If you’re obsessed with Sarah Palin’s pregnancy and her daughter’s pregnancy, there is an entire crazy blog for your ass. Me, I’m presently obsessed with the Fritzl trial in Austria. For those of you not paying attention, Josef Fritzl is the Austrian man accused of locking up his daughter in the mid-80’s in his basement and raping her &c. while she bore him seven children. Complete madness. Look at this from today:

Details have emerged of a bizarre visit that Mr Fritzl received recently in jail by a man claiming to be an estate agent.

The visit was cut short after officials realised the man was trying to pursue “very personal” business with Mr Fritzl, Mr Huber-Guensthofer said, without elaborating.

A-h-h-h-h-h-h! Somebody tell me more information!

Another totally insane thing from the Beeb: these are two pictures of forensic scientists near Fritzl’s house:


You all have to click to see that the shirt says, “Trained To Search For Human Bodies.” In English! On the bodý of an Austrian dude holding a dog! It’s too crazy. Also:


That scientist on the right can GET IT.

Now. I’ve just started setting up work in Iceland for the next month or so. My workstation:


I cannot overemphasize the importance of a good workstation. This one features four monitors, a cappuccino, a pair of slippers, and walls reminiscent of a padded cell. Excellent. I set it up listening to the following:

[audio:01 14th St. Ritual.mp3]

(which is Kill The Vultures’ 14th Street Ritual, from an album called Ecce Beast, which will be released on April 10.)

and also:

[audio:04 Haec dies.mp3]
Byrd Haec Dies
The Cambridge Singers / Rutter

Which is one of my favorite Byrdz ever, which, I know, is kind of mainstream but I don’t think the indie sensibility of “more obscure = better” has really reached the ecclesiastical music world quite yet. Or maybe it has but I didn’t get the memó.

Iceland is a delight. I landed and proceeded to the car rental zone. The man told me “we’re very sorry, but the car you ordered is sold out.” Beloveds, I rented a Ford Focus. He offered me a four wheel drive (should I hyphenate in there?) but added, sotto voce, “it’s really dirty.” Indeed, it was squalid. Mud everywhere. I love that you can rent a car with mud in it here. I should request it next time at LAX.

A scene from the mini-mall where I bought shrimp salad:


So good. Nobody’s messing around with that mountain in the back.