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from Saturday, January24th of the year2009.

So, I played a show the other day in Reykjavík in the middle of the night. I got a text message from my friend Haukur, who is a guitarist in a very loud punk band. The text read, “Hey! Do you want to play a show with us in a sweaty rock club on Friday?” Answer is: obviously yes. I said that I was going to play with my friend Una, who gave birth in November, and who is a wonderful violinist. I emailed Haukur and asked what time, roughly, he thought I would play, and his response is so wonderfully iced out:

Concert should start at around ten thirty/eleven, and I imagine you would take the stage at midninght/midnight-thirty/one AM

Do you have any preference?

Does Una maybe want to get home early so she can breastfeed her Þórður?

It’s accommodating, insane, and child-friendly. For the record, I ended up playing at 12:30, so, he was pretty accurate. And she managed to breast-feed her son Þórður beforehand, and turned up about four minutes before we went onstage. The band two before us was called “Agent Fresco,” which is a confusing name but they are, in fact, completely wonderful. I encourage everybody to listen to their song Eyes of a Cloud Catcher on their myspace. I am really feeling the range involved in the chorus ““ the vocalist is required to do this vertical leap of faith down a seventh, and then in the little response bit, a way-high C. Fancy. Seriously, go listen to it.


  • hey, I saw you at kaffibarinn a while ago (for the bedroom community night)! I am sorry for elbowing you in the stomach. I still feel bad!!

  • So rockin!!! Thanks for pointing this out. cc

  • this is the 2nd time this week someone’s mentioned ‘agent fresco’… a friend sent me the myspace link the other day. not exactly my type of music, but not bad either.

    i really love the design of your site.

  • I realize this is a bit off-topic, but I think there would be strong interest for this among Harriet readers. So I just wanted to share this web site I only found out about yesterday.

    It is the site of my former Milwaukee roommate John Beadle, with whom I’d lost touch for many years (he’s still in Milwaukee– he’s been building motorcycles at Harley Davidson for nearly three decades). Already, back in the 80s, when we were living together and selling The Militant newspaper at plant gates at 6 AM, he had an astonishing collection of African records. For four or five years he had a weekly African music radio show on a public station in Milwaukee, can’t remember the call letters now. And now his collection, this is no exaggeration, is one of the most important on the planet. He is married to a woman from Nigeria, so he’s been going over there annually for many years now, bringing back the latest, and also the obscure oldies.

    Anyway, please check this out, and drop him a note of appreciation for this wonderful and long labor of culture work.


  • You’re friends with Una Palliser? Small world.