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You have to unpack to pack

from Friday, May9th of the year2008.

I am just saying goodbye to my last houseguest for the week, and have about an hour in the apartment to myself. Action taken: floor swept, litter changed, couch pillows de-linted (and by lint I mean cat hair), stamps found, volume pedal dusted, fans cleaned, vitamins organized. Last night, Valgeir, Nadia, Abby, Caleb, Chris, Helgi Hrafn, Thomas and I played a show at Merkin Hall. Last week, Valgeir and Sam and I all played on East Village radio and there is footage of it:

There is something very satisfying about having had so many people staying in the apartment this last week, with stuff on every surface, and then cleaning it off “” which isn’t to say it’s not great to have a full house (in fact, it is my favorite thing in the universe), but more that I am very pleased that our apartment can accommodate such a wide variety of situations. We had a rehearsal here, conducted with scores in laps while sitting around the kitchen/dining/only table “” I ordered guacamole and chips.

The day after a concert is always exhausting. We all joined up with the New Amsterdam Records after-party downtown, which was sort of weird and totally great (“How was your concert?” “Great! How was yours?” “Great! Cheers!”). Today, it is pouring rain, insanely cold, the cats are despondent and I am laying low.


  • I love the reports of your dailyness. Congratulations on the concert, and congratulations for laying low.

  • I wish the readers of your blog could actually see Sam lope like a buzzard. Is there video of that? Or video of that time that we ALL loped like buzzards.

  • A beautiful evening of music… my thoughts here:

    I hope to see more soon and am very much looking forward to the album.

  • After years of experiencing a debilitating “post-partum” after my performances, a composer friend of mine looked at my calendar running up to and including the event, jam-packed with everything from press interviews to costume-sewing, and noticed that the day AFTER was blank: “What do you do here?” uh, mumble, mumble, mumble, grouse, uh, nothing. . . he got out a pen and wrote down “GLOAT.” It’s been easier ever since. 🙂

    Congratulations on your success, and happy low-lying gloating!!

  • The concert was wonderful.

  • Loved the concert! Can’t wait for the recording!!!

  • Happy Pentecost! Keep speaking in tongues!