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When I am Old White People

from Thursday, April24th of the year2008.

When I am Old White People, I seriously hope I never have insane and loud coughing fits during Satyagraha. That is all.


  • Just don’t become old.

  • Or don’t become a coughing person!

  • Ricola.

  • Coughing in the theater is not a respiratory ailment. It is a criticism.

  • It’s not respiratory; it’s aleatory. Enjoy it.

  • On tuesday night the audience sounded like from one of those old Richter live recordings made in Belgrade or Scotland or something. Folks were blowing chunks.

  • Concerning the libretto: I know some people–some very in-the-know people–who don’t say *the* Bhagavad Gita or even *the* Gita, but simply Gita: Gita this and Gita that. It’s nice, like they’re talking about a family member, not a monumental spiritual text.

    The coughing is unfortunate, but at least there’s a medical reason. What about people who talk outloud in the movies: that is unforgivable.

  • On opening night, I sat a few rows behind an old man that kept booing. At first I thought he had Alzheimers, and didn’t know any better, but he only booed when the audience clapped and never disrupted the performance. He was really good at it, his booing seemed to rise above the applause. I got a good look at him, he seemed genuinely disappointed with the performance and I guess he felt obligated to stay on for the entire 3.5 hours to voice his discontent.