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What business do we have

from Monday, November17th of the year2008.

What business do any of us have not being called Eoghan Quigg? That name has everything good going for it, not least of which the double g, which is such an appealing way to tie up your name. My name ends with this weird y, which is kind of a vowel, but more like a slide into eternity for the mouth; you can’t say my shit without making a goofy grin at the end of the whole thing. Also, the -y suffix bears the trace of the diminutive in German, from which it comes, so the whole thing is a little cutesy. But Quigg! It sounds like a delectable little bit of pork that you scrape off the bottom of the pan and eat while everybody else is playing with the cat. “Ooh, girl, when everybody left I dipped that Quigg in mustard and had a glass of dry sherry.”

Speaking of nomenclature, Gawker totally had my name in its mouth! Excellent. It’s kind of a good idea. I would love to score an episode of Gossip Girl, wouldn’t that be fun? And, it would be a weird homecoming of sorts; Josh Schwartz, who is in some fashion in charge of it, went to my High School, and played Salieri in our production of Amadeus; I was his “piano stunt double” or whatever; I sat backstage and played all those embarrassing little sonatinas.