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The Disruption of Routine

from Wednesday, November19th of the year2008.

I found this article about an autistic boy returning to the charred ruins of his home quite moving. Interestingly:

Mattel, the company that makes Hot Wheels has offered to donate new toys for Jonathan. His mother called the offer, “equivalent to us winning the lottery.”

Ah, STUFF. I used to sublet an apartment where there was a metal box of keepsakes and treasures dear to the family from whom I rented. In the case of fire, I was to grab their Abyssinian cat, the box, and head for the safety of the park across the street. I wonder what I would take now, given that all my music is stored on a server, my contacts in my phone, my man in his own apartment, and the cats fully able to scurry out of an open window. Maybe my great-grandmother’s duck-shaped pâté terrine? My Hungarian Monopolyâ„¢ board, a gift from an old friend? My mother’s paintings? Certain Garments?


  • You’re post-Stuff.

  • Liz

  • Youleave your stuff, and get out. And by the way, Cat’s get just as confused as people and tend to hide, or get lost in the smoke and confusion. They need to be taken out first, like a child. I hope you don’t have pets.

  • I thought that what Mattel did was very gracious and a deed that will make a big difference in a very distressed kids life.

    Wish more corporations would behave like that.

    Cheers Mattel!

  • YES LIZ!!
    you should be happy to know that the terrine in question is not a family heirloom but a Randolph VT thrift shop purchase.. so you can forget it. The REAL Heirloom one is still chez nous with a rabbit’s head rather than a duck’s on top. As for my paintings in your apartment, well, they are yours to leave in case of fire or other disaster.As TinTin said, ‘Sauve qui Peut”. A burnt painting could be amusing to someone, and might like Duane and Reade make it out the window to another life..
    love you for even thinking about this stuff.

  • Certain garments?

    World war II leather flight coat.

    1967 brushed Aluminum Chess set, mounted in a wood box, with a cobalt blue acrylic sliding door.

    Outre smoky quartz ring with a stone the size of two mating green leaf fig beetles.