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from Thursday, December11th of the year2008.

Also, I would be remiss not to point out that the movie I wrote the score for, The Reader, opens in limited release this week. The soundtrack, however, is currently available for digital download via the iTunes store. Everybody should try to see the movie if at all possible ““ it is really wonderful.


  • I downloaded the soundtrack yesterday morning and listened to it right away. Having read the book, I can imagine how this somberly evocative music might well support the film. But I never really know how to listen to soundtracks as standalones. I suppose that I will have to see the movie, although were it not for the music I don’t think I would have.

  • Hmmm, this is good news. I went looking for it on Amazon as soon as I saw the preview, and when I couldn’t find it, my solution was to leave the movie site open in another tab …. it’s only one song on repeat, but it was better than nothing… till now. 😛

  • Amazing Music. I don’t know why its soundtrack is not available widely.

  • When will the score be available on cd?

  • Just saw the movie. Incredibly powerful!!! I went specially to hear the soundtrack, but quickly became so absorbed that I just subconsciously felt the soundtrack until well into the movie, which means that the music did exactly what it is supposed to do – become a part of the overall emotional tenor of the production and not a separate element calling attention to itself.
    It would be great to have a soundtrack recording (I generally don’t do downloads), but I think even better if you would extract a concert piece from this. I thought there was plenty of material there to make a very effective concert piece.

  • While I am waiting for The Reader to show up near me, I can enthusiastically recommend Choking Man not only for Nico’s essential score but for the extraordinary work of the director. It is not always successful when a director calls attention to his strategies and decisions as obviously as here, but I think it is entirely successful in this beautiful film.

  • other readers of Nico’s blog might like to check out this comment on the The Reader

  • I saw The Reader last night, and my reaction was different from Art’s. I didn’t think the film was worthy of the moving and reticent soundtrack. I didn’t much care for the book either, so perhaps that colored my reaction. In any event, I am listening to the music right now and imagining a better film that it might illuminate.

  • I downloaded the soundtrack and have listened to it on my iPod. It sounds terrific. But listening reinforces my earlier reaction. As a soundtrack, it has great moments – wonderful orchestration, nice ideas – but it would be so much more effective if melded together into a concert piece with some of the repetitions taken out and some short bridge passages constructed.

  • Hmm i dont know if my comment worked.

    The reader score is amazing.
    I’ve been listening to it nonstop.
    keep it up!!
    take care