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from Monday, February4th of the year2008.

Click here to access the New Yorker’s online media player to stream audio attendant to Rebecca Mead’s profile in the February 11th & 18th issue.

stanley_fish.jpgEverybody go vote tomorrow! And also read this funny Stanley Fish. I love Stanley Fish. Also, I think all academics should blog; it completely changes the Discourse from something secret and for the elect into something accessible to everybody. I said it once and I’ll say it again: We Want GayatriSpivak dot blogspot dot com. Get on it, girl! I would read the shit out of that blog.

Also: take the Ikea Quiz. Sadly, they didn’t include my favorite Ikea product, the infamous Femmen VÃ¥g:



  • I second the Spivak blog request: sari+combatboots.blogspot.com

    I think an early topic could be that Ikea quiz and the act of product naming at Ikea headquarters: Is Saftig what westerners believe that cutlery should be called in Swedish? Has Ikea deconstructed language in a way the universalizes or that exoticisizes? Can culture be transmitted though High Density Particle Board? Has founder Ingvar Kamprad’s dyslexia informed a global (mis)understanding of Scandanavian culture? I, for one, am not nearly wise enough to answer these questions.

  • Remember when I for some reason conflated “Mr. Fish” with Stanley Fish? That was really weird. Thanks for calling me on that.