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Cintra Wilson

from Saturday, March29th of the year2008.

A quick note. Has everybody been properly following Cintra Wilson’s column in the Times here? She is my favorite favorite. She writes:

I once involuntarily gasped watching Nigella Lawson breezily savage five passion fruits, spooning their pulpy guts onto a Pavlova tart in a manner so sloppy as to be almost violently sensuous. The rapacious advantage she took of those luxury fruits corkscrewed right into my uptightness. My god, I thought, those things are four bucks each.

I would deny myself the fifth passion fruit.

So hysterical. And anybody who knows me knows that Colors Insulting to Nature is the funniest book ever.


  • Formica canyon! 🙂 Someday I will own the right to write something close to this…Rem Koolhaas used to be a favourite, till I’ve met Enric Miralles.

  • ha! lovely. although to an australian, the concept of passionfruit as “luxury fruits” is almost as hilarious as the rest of it. $4 each?? good grief!

  • No I did not see that! I guess Cintra Wilson wants to shop and look fly?? Time to go diving, indeed.

  • Nico

    I have been telling all my smart friends about you and your music- i even bought them copies–

    You are not really a fan of Ann Coulter are you?
    Tell me that was an ironic jest…


    Nico responds: Girl, I love Ann Coulter. I am convinced that she is a crazy joke to make conservative people look absurd. I do actually read her all the time, but she is evil, but it’s gotta be a joke.