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A few points of order

from Friday, August15th of the year2008.

So, we are on tour! So much information to tell, so many shows to play. Check out this useful website for specifics. Even though we’re only gone for a hot minute, we’re trying to get a lot done. Please come out and see us! As an especial incentive, look at some photos:

We totally bought onions rinng:

Nico & Sam performing Modern Dance

Sadly, we had to cancel our show in Vancouver, which is particularly sad because my hairdresser told me that there were “mad Asians there” and that the food was delicious. Additionally, I was excited to visit on this store called Kómakínó which seems like it’s completely up my alley. Sorry, people of Vancouver!


  • God dammit! =(

  • Too bad- Vancouver has a special vibe that you would have found interesting. Vancouver is the edge of the world – and you can feel it.

    Just don’t cancel anymore Canadian stops- Canadians are nice, and polite but when pissed-off, it drives us to do horrible things like seal hunting!

  • Loved your show in Portland! Lucky us!

  • Hey, Nico! This is Meg — I met you with (with Zach Klein) in Holland this past March. Just wanted to tell you I saw you perform last night in Portland and was absolutely blown away. Thanks for making such amazing music!

  • such a shame… i hope you can make it here one day.

  • Excellent show last night. Thanks for coming through Portland. If you’re still around you all are welcome to our spaghetti western shindig tonight (keg of local beer, giant pot of spaghetti, the good, the bad and the ugly projected on the side of the house).

  • http:// is a really useful website. Oh the irony of the dead link there. Sorry the Vanc show was cancelled! Best not cancel the show at Swedish American Hall, or you’ll have a horde of angry Swedes!!! We are really looking forward to seeing you in SF! I take it from your post that you like “mad asians” ?


  • I’ll see you at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. Also, you might want to check that schedule link as it wasn’t working for me.

  • Even though I’ll need to figure out how to get to one of the few venues in the DC area that is utterly inaccessible via public transportation, I can’t wait to see your performance! I sort of assumed if you ever came to DC it would be on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center or something. There is always next time.

  • Onion ringu.

  • The Portland show was magic. It all shimmered and simmered together so well. My husband said “I always loved the viola and now I really love the viola.”

  • The picture of you and Sam gave me goosebumps. I wonder if I could survive the whole dance?

  • “It’s HMONG! My hairdresser says that everything this year is going to be Hmong.”

  • Komaquizno’s

  • What, no show at Chandler?!

  • Aw, too bad for Vancouver…
    and too bad for no DBSS.

  • awwww so sad you didn’t come to Vancouver! I drove all the way from Calgary too…oh well. come again!!! maybe even come to Banff Center????

  • hi nico, i’m enjoying the mothertongue album. thought it would be cool if you wrote a piece on modern classical women composers. they seem to be neglected, or trapped somewhere in the academy. who would you say is emerging that’s not so connected with pop or electronic formats, although these can play an important part too.