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“Unfolding Before Our Eyes”

from Tuesday, May15th of the year2007.

_42841671_wally_203i.jpgSo I was reading this article about osprey nesting &c., and I was reminded of this other amazing poultry-related scandal. I feel like there is something to be done with the Maxwell Davies story ““ I wonder if a fifteen-minute opera scene is in order, with police officers in masks, and a giant dead swan hanging behind a scrim or something. I don’t know why I find English writing about animals so fascinating; I can’t imagine that it differs that much from its American counterpart, but, seriously, you guys. Our cats killed and piled up three mice in front of the printer (their cruel, thankless God), and made short work of four more in the bathroom. Savage times, y’all.

1 Comment

  • Wow, this is my first foray into the inner depths of the world that is Nico Muhly. . .It’s kind of interesting in there. . .
    I think an opera scene is definitely in order. . .all you need as a banda and an organ!
    Did you really have 7 dead mice in your apartment?? Actually, I think there is your opera. . .Get into their world of deadly cats and cruel thankless printers and you’ll have your story. . .