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Two Trains at the Wheeler School

from Tuesday, April24th of the year2007.

So, my highschool in Providence, RI, asked me to write a new piece for them. I set a current student’s poem (who happens to be the younger sister of a friend of mine from years ago) for choir, flute (played by the son of my 6th grade math teacher), and piano four-hands.
ProvidenceThis is all going to go down on May 4th, at 6:30 PM (“for the younger kids”) and again at 8:00 PM “for teenagers.” The distinction is, I believe, one of space rather than content, although you never know. I remember there being an outpouring of horror when my friend Melina sang (quite beautifully!) Joni Mitchell‘s Blue eight years ago in front of everybody, as if the mere mention of “needles” was going to make the fifth graders go shoot up underneath the ol’ ash tree. In any event, if you’re in Providence on May 4th, come to whichever séance suits your sensibilities. I’ll be conducting. More details are on their site if you click around aggressively enough.


  • Wish I could make it. Will there be a recording available later?

  • Oh, how I wish I could be present for this! The idea of sitting in Wheeler Hall and watching Nico conduct the Upper School orchestra equals being sixteen all over again, but without the angst…unfortunately it’s my last weekend of term, and I have far too much academic hoo-hah to be getting on with to make any roadtrips, down memory lane or otherwise. Have a smashing good time (and don’t forget the wrap party at Gregg’s!)

  • Wow. That was just amazing. My Brother sings in the 18 Wheelers, and I am also a student at Wheeler School. I was in such awe both times it was preformed. It was truly breath taking!