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Tipsy Gamelan

from Friday, May25th of the year2007.

This week was intense: a whole lot of performing, and a bunch of projects in different stages of completion. A few weeks ago, Cocorosie’s band totally got detained by la migra, and so they were short a pianist, and I subbed with them at a free show at the Wintergarden. Check out Sam West’s picture of us backstage. I was pretty convinced before when I saw them do it live (but am even more convinced now) that their cover of Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On class=”left”/>is one of the most beautiful things extant: it is a cover that shines new light on the original but also exposes what it is that makes Cocorosie so great. I know it’s eight different kinds of illegal but I’m going to go ahead and post it here until the indie copyright gods shut me down.

[audio:08 Turn Me On (Kevin Lyttle cover).mp3]
Cocorosie covering Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On

Wednesday I was really happy to play at the Kitchen spring gala honoring Laurie Anderson. I have always been a huge fan of her work; I have a particularly visceral response to her voice akin to what happens when you grab cats by the scruff of the neck. I played A Hudson Cycle, and then a song I wrote for Antony, and then Antony sang Laurie Anderson’s Hansel and Gretel. Final Fantasý (anybody who knows me knows I think he the best thing ever ““ purchase his whole catalogue immediately!) also played ““ a sort of looped violin lovefest through the ages.

pelog.gifSteady progress is being made on the Boston Pops piece (working title: Tipsy Gamelan), but most importantly, I finished a draft of this ballet. All very exciting.