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See you there.

from Friday, September21st of the year2007.

So, in This article, Mortier (who is taking over City Opera) reveals his scheme for his first season as general manager. Einstein on the Beach, Nixon in China, The bostridge-portrait.jpgRake’s Progress, Death in Venice with Ian Bostridge!? “” I am so there. It’s a great thing. If you read on, he has ideas about presenting new works to New Yorkers, great, great. I saw, with some suspicion, that Bernice Johnson Reagon is doing something new; some of you may recall that she and Robert Wilson were responsible for a Really Astonishingly Bad Thing (like, set-yourself-on-fire bad) called The Temptation of Saint Anthony which was sort of like an extended Family Guy sketch on what would happen if Robert Wilson got a hold of Flaubert. I love those Wilson stylized movements, though. picture-5.png Even when the whole thing is dire, there is always an attention to detail and an attention to style and how it rubs against the text that is incomparable and inimitable. Check out his newly vamp’t website and sign up to access the archive so you can look through. Mm, so good. This is the problem with great archival websites is that you want to spend hours looking through production photos of the Zürich opera house’s 2002 production of Götterdämmerung rather than proof-reading your scores, for instance.

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