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iTunes and Upcoming Concerts

from Saturday, April7th of the year2007.

So the good news is that Speaks Volumes is now available three ways: on iTunes, and via the label. You can also order it online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I suspect that very soon you will be able to go to your local record shop and at the very least, order it from the nice people.

  1. March 9, a concert with Antony at BAM with the Brooklyn Philharmonic. I made all the arrangements. Details.
  2. March 16! a concert in at Zankel Hall @ Carnegie Hall. Buy tickets! Come see!
  3. be obscure clearly. (NPR on the Elements of Style project)
  4. Everybody should go to the iTunes Store and buy the episode of Wonder Showzen that I scored. It’s called “A Clarence Special Report: Compelling Television.”

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