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Food Explosion

from Monday, October15th of the year2007.

Back in Iceland “” I arrived yesterday morning and after a little nap, woke up and Sigga Sunna (pictured) had prepared a pornographic amount of food for breakfast ““ we are discussing abondanza on the level of img_0371.JPGthe Epic Lunch I had on the Faroe Islands earlier this summer ““ with nine different kinds of yogurt-like dairy, granola, meats, salads with shrimp and salmon, breads, pastry, bread-like pastry, pastry-like bread. I think the strategy was for me to get my Full Scandinavia on before having to plow full on into work.

I have made a short pile of arrangements for the Norwegian/Swedish singer Ane Brun, which we are recording this morning, and then the madness of the Iceland Airwaves Festival begins in earnest the day after tomorrow. Due in part to my weird Icelandic media overload this summer and something resembling “being exhausted,” I’m not performing a set as myself this year, but am instead conducting my arrangements for Sam Amidon’s lovely new album, as well as playing with Valgeir Sigurðsson and Ben Frost, all at Iðnó on Thursday night (if you happen to be near here).


  • Wish I did ” happen to be near”. Have to get to Iceland one of these days. Hope it all goes well…

  • Someone is giving Ned Rorem a run for his money. Hell, someone is giving a run for their money.

    I was particularly fond of paragraph 19. Wait, do BLOGS even have paragraphs?