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This is what

from Monday, December5th of the year2011.

This is what I came to Iceland for: this frozen, inconsiderate wind. The wind doesn’t belong to the land the way it would in Vermont (“the wind was running down the road towards the house.”) This wind doesn’t even see this house; the next thing it’s going to worry about is the west coast of Norway. It’s violent, outrageously cold, and I’m so so happy.


  • Westron Wind

    Western Wind

    Westron wind, when will thou blow?
    The small rain down can rain.
    Christ, if my love were in my arms,
    And I in my bed again.

    The best song in the world..

  • that’s the very reason I want to go to Iceland; that, and the Histrionicus histrionicus.

  • Most happy to learn the weather is to your liking, will you be posting pictures and or video ?

    Kindest Regards Simon.

  • Yes, exactly how I’ve felt about Icelandic weather. You’re on a boat in the North Atlantic and Ocean and Weather don’t give a fuck.