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Hell, Yes!

from Thursday, February12th of the year2009.

I had a really exciting day the other day; I’m not sure even what the reason was – it just seemed like there was something in the air. I bought mussels, I bought garlic, I was walking down the Bowery, and I looked up at the New Museum and got a pang of rapture looking up at the neon Ugo Rondinone “Hell, Yes!” piece:

The other thing that I tried to take a picture of but failed was a woman in line at the supermarket with one of those tricycle strollers who, instead of carrying a basket, just put her chicken on top of her baby. I’m not even kidding you. I took a surreptitious iPhone shot and ended up with blurred nonsense but here it is anyway:

Here is some nice music for walking around town:

[audio:10 Beati Quorum Via.mp3]
C.V. Stanford Beati Quorum Via
Salisbury Cathedral Choir

I love the slow progression of this. Stanford is a composer who is not afraid of a big gesture, but in this li’l motet he keeps everything very smooth. There is a lot to love in this piece. A minute and forty seconds in, whoa, major-minor! The cadences right before the three minute mark I have always found to be immensely satisfying. Also, a minute and seventeen seconds into this, listen to the kind of Kermitty bass. I love choral recordings because sometimes you can hear one super-eager tenor poking out.


  • sweet.

  • Oh the baby/chicken is just astounding. Mothers mystify me sometimes … it scares me to think I am a mother. I don’t even want to think of the things I’ve done. (Fortunately I’m so old now I’ve forgotten much from those days.)

    Thanks for the Stanford music. Lovely.

  • The title of this entry nicely contrasts with the title of the previous one, so the menu reads “Hell, Yes!” and “Oh No!” in succession. Thank you for the little things.

  • Hey, I’m a super-eager tenor that (often) pokes out!

  • Someday they’ll isolate the gene that produces super eager tenority, and they’ll turn it off.

  • oh Nico.. many thanks for sharing that piece with us! it sure is a must when strolling around !! on the other hand, a baby a chicken on top! Blaspheme ! ! !

  • I wish somebody would put a chicken on top of me.

  • Thanks so much for that photo!

    It immediately reminded me of a sign near the Place de la République that has puzzled me for a long time.

    I still don’t understand it, but at least I now know who put it there.

  • That Whole Foods line is so confusing with the tricolor monitor. I hate how sometimes you’ve been in line before the other people next to you, but they get to go first because their color gets Called. What ever happened to first-come-first-s(w)erved?

  • Love the sign… I live in san francisco, and on my bus route there is an old fading advertisement on the side of a brick building… the only part that you can still make out is the word “Why?” in huge letters. Depending on my mood I find it really amusing or really depressing.
    Also, the baby/chicken story is brilliant.

  • I am an eager tenor in the choir of the Anglican Cathedral of All Saints in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thanks for the Stanford. Frankly, I would not want to move a muscle while listening to this glorious music.

    Love your work and your blog.