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A good sentence, some shows

from Wednesday, April1st of the year2009.

There was a really good and satisfying sentence this morning in the Times. It’s one of those sentences that would drive me crazy if I were trying to learn English, too:

The Uighurs have become something of a Guantánamo Rorschach test: hapless refugees to some, dangerous plotters to others.

Excellent. I fell into a Uighur Internet Wormhole and then suddenly, I was at a Font Page:


Look, they have Hi-Tech:


Speaking of Exciting Alphabets, I am really angry that nobody told me about Janáček’s Glagolitic Mass until very, very recently. It is wildly beautiful and engaging and severe.

Kyrie from Janáček Glagolitic Mass
Danish National Radio Symphony / Mackerras

About 2:40 into this particular recording, there are these amazing string gestures: difficult, unresolved little glyphs carved into the page. Loving it.

I have four upcoming shows of note.

Show the first is at the Motel Mozaïque Festival in Rotterdam on 10th April. For specific details, click, with great relish, on “Tijdschema” in the navigation bar. It appears as if I am playing around 8:30.

The second is the next night, at the Domino Festival in Brussels, 11th April 2009. I’m particularly excited about seeing this Svarte Greiner character, whose self-described keywords are: ambient, experimental, dark ambient, acoustic doom, electronic, minimal, norwegian, experimental electronic. Awesome. Plus look at the Press Photo:


He can git it. Maybe?

Then, back to New York for a week of performances with Stephen Petronio Company at the Joyce. An hour of new music! Everybody should come! It’s going to be very energetic.

Then, off to England for two shows: the first on 8th May at the Union Chapel in London, and then the next day at All Tomorrow’s Parties in Minehead.