Nico Muhly Seeing Is Believing

from Monday, June6th of the year2011.

Minimalism, electronic fusion, and early English choral music don’t generally sit together comfortably within the same sentence, still less on the same classical disc. That fact alone makes Seeing Is Believing worth a listen, aside from these superb performances. Twenty-nine-year-old American composer Nico Muhly has an extraordinary CV for his age. Achievements include works being […]

Cool and calmly composed: Nico Muhly, changing the face of classical music

from Monday, October18th of the year2010.

“The nature of being a composer is being alone, and collaboration is a natural way to interact with people that’s both work and play,” he says. “I have to say that my favourite collaborator is always my most recent one. I’m doing a thing right now for Jo?nsi again, he’s great; I’m doing another set of things with Antony [Hegarty], who’s great … I don’t know, I love everybody.”

Drinking the air before him – Nico Muhly

from Wednesday, October13th of the year2010.

James Jolly talks to one of the US’s hottest musical properties A Good Understanding (Decca) I Drink the Air Before Me (Decca) Nico Muhly, not yet 30, is one of the most talked-about musicians of his generation. His musical sympathies range from working with artists as diverse as Björk, Philip Glass, Grizzly Bear and Antony […]

Muhly: I Drink the Air Before Me

from Thursday, September30th of the year2010.

With a disc of Nico Muhly’s choral works also out this month, Decca seems to have taken up the music of the 29-year-old composer in a big way. This CD is devoted to the ballet score commissioned by Stephen Petronio’s company and performed in March last year. Muhly’s own sleevenotes reveal that his brief was […]

L.A. Master Chorale hopes to raise its porfile with a Nico Muhly CD and a new Partnership with Decca

from Friday, June18th of the year2010.

The new CD contains three works that were given West Coast premieres by the Chorale — “Expecting the Main Things from You,” “Bright Mass with Canons” and “First Service” — as well as the title piece, “Senex Puerum Portabat” and “Like as the Hart.”

Eurydice and Mary, at the Height of Sorrow

from Saturday, May29th of the year2010.

Mr. Muhly, commissioned to write a short work to precede “The Corridor,” for the same ensemble and singers, produced an exquisitely eclectic setting of the Stabat Mater, a hymn that describes Mary’s sorrow as she stands at the foot of the cross.

3 Premieres Highlight New-Music Concert

from Monday, April19th of the year2010.

Mr. Muhly described it as “very peaced-out Vermont starscape music.”

Nico And Jónsi GO ALL IN!

from Sunday, April4th of the year2010.

The night slowly descends into even more chaos. Folks hug. We go fetch another bottle of champagne. The fisting room gets occupied all of the sudden. Members of Jónsi’s band join us. At the very end of the night’s dictaphone recording, I later discover an eerie call to arms, Blair Witch-style. It sounds like it was shouted by the pair in unison, although there is no way of telling:


Approval Matrix

from Thursday, April1st of the year2010.

Nico Muhly and Thomas Bartlett’s gay-straight back-to-back dueling-twee-piano shtick at the Kitchen.

Roundhouse Reverb Festival

from Wednesday, January27th of the year2010.

Critics spend their lives throwing around adjectives after concerts, usually in the nature of good, bad or indifferent; and in my case, thrilling is a word that doesn’t surface too often in the vocab. But it did on Sunday at the Roundhouse. Three decades on from its glory days as a centre for cutting-edge contemporary […]