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from Wednesday, February4th of the year2009.

I know, I’ve been bad. But! I have an excuse. I went to England and had a piece played in Derby, which was crazy. I flew to Las Vegas and now, this is what I’m doing:

England, where I have just been for the last week, is one of the places I find myself in more often than not; I’m flipping through my passport and it says that I was there 7 times in 2008, another 7 or 8 times (if you count that fiasco stopover from Iceland) in 2007, and so on and so forth. So: more often than I am on, say, the Upper East Side, for example. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had slightly more money, so the usual inconveniences attendant to traveling on the cheap have fallen aside: I don’t have to freak out about how expensive the trains are, for instance, or if I want a meal, it’s not prohibitively expensive. I am naturally suspicious of places that require money to have a good time ““ my experience has been that New York is particularly kind to visitors who don’t want to spend a lot and just want to grab cheap plates of noodles and take the $2 subway hundreds of miles around the city. Rome, similarly, is a rewarding treasure hunt for the frugal. London, I have always felt, resists this slightly, and demands the expenditure of many pounds to reap that much weight in fun.

Just a thought.

The reason for this cross-country road trip is that my grandmother, 92, died last month, and my mother has been out there cleaning up her kitchen for the last two weeks. My grandmother (who was French) was an incredible cook; when I found out that she died, I made a very intense celeriac and cauliflower purée in Iceland in her honor. We are hauling a lot of kitchen supplies back home with us ““ there is a great copper salmon mold in the back of the car:

And tonight, appropriately, at dinner in Knoxville:


  • my sympathies to the trio.

  • that cake sounds wonderful…you wont find anything like that once you hit Dallas.

  • So sorry for your loss, Nico.

    Those are great photos.

  • Ah Maestro Muhly…

    It seems your foray into the world of Jack Kerouac has careened you about-face into the vehicular-interior-design realm of Maestro K.M. Sullivan of Oceania (quite near Boston, so I’ve heard).

    Princess Onigiri–a distant relative of the Supreme Goddess, Kwannon- asks: “In a mold?!? In that abhorrent backseat?” LOL

    Cheers from your home state. -M-

  • Great to have you back in Knoxville this weekend for the Big Ears Festival. Bistro by the Tracks has moved a few blocks to a new space, but if you have a chance to stop by while you’re here, please accept a bottle of wine on the house — your pleasure. (Me, I’d probably go for the Chateau d’Ampuis.) Just tell the staff who you are and we’ll take care of it.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here, and looking forward to some great music!